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RedBug last month

The game development competiton entries for Assembly Online 2020 are now available.

It seems that Amstrad developers have found the secret of the hardware scrolling on the CPC.

After Red Sunset, here is a new SHMUP for our beloved machine (it could run on a pure 64k Amstrad). The demo contains only a single stage but it's enough to see that it will be a future hit.

Developped by the team Bitplane Technomantes (code: Axelay, graphics: rexbeng, music&fx: McKlain).

Source & Download: the Assembly online website

Gameplay is visible from YouTube

Volley For Two on C64

Commodore 64/128
RedBug last month

Do you know Arcade Volleyball for DOS ? I remember having played it with Walken/Impact Studio at the Wired 95 demoparty. 25 years ago... I'm old and (this blog is concrete evidence of that fact).

Volley For Two is the C64 remake of this old DOS game. Ready for a quick round ?

Developped by the team Kollektivet:

  • Mikkel Hastrup (music and sound effects)
  • Jonas Hultén (programming)
  • Anders Larsson (graphics)

Source & Download: Kollektivet website

Gameplay is visible from PeerTube

RunNgun Preview on C64

Commodore 64/128
RedBug last month

Carleton Handley release a preview on its upcoming game: RunNgun.

The project started when when Saul Cross (who already have worked with Carleton on Millie and Molly Meet Malicious Monsters ) provided him with a lovely map. Carleton challenged himself to code a nice scroller for it.

This is how retro developers make the best games!

Source & Download: Carleton Handley

Gameplay is visible from YouTube

Tristam Island will come out on 33 platforms!

Amstrad CPC ZX Spectrum Next
RedBug last month

Hugo Labrande, author of interactive fictions (19 games to his credit already), has announced that he will release his next game "Tristam Island", an Infocom-style adventure, on 33 platforms!

Pitch is: You wash up on an island in the middle of the Atlantic... and it seems it used to be inhabited! But why did everyone leave? And what secrets lie in the white house at the top of the hill?

The game will be released in a few weeks, but you could already pre-order it.

Multiplatform ?

The game will be available in english but also in french.

Full list of the platforms is (+ all platforms supporting Z-Machine interpreter),

  • Commodore 64, VIC-20, PET, Plus/4, and also a MEGA65 version;
  • Atari 8-bit (400, 800, XL, XE), and the Atari ST;
  • Amiga (all the way back to the 500);
  • Spectrum +3;
  • Amstrad CPC;
  • MSX 1 & MSX 2;
  • BBC Model B, BBC Master 128, and Acorn Electron;
  • Apple II, Macintosh, and OS X;
  • DOS, Windows (32 and 64 bit);
  • Linux (32 and 64 bit);
  • TI-99/4A, and also a port for the TI-84+CE and TI-83+ calculators;
  • Oric Atmos;
  • TRS CoCo;
  • Nintendo GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, and Nintendo DS;
  • Dreamcast.


Twiter: @hlabrande

Tokimal trailer

ZX Spectrum
RedBug September 2020

Pat Morita Team (if you have a moment check out the Cobra Kai series .. It's worth it), just released a trailer showing the progress being made for Tokimal, the Spectrum version of the famous Toki.

Here is something to patiently wait before the version of the GGP team on Amstrad;)

This is happening on Youtube

Source: PatMorita on Twitter

Featured artist: The Oliver TWINS

Andrew Nicholas Oliver and Philip Edward Oliver , together known as the Oliver Twins, are British twin brothers and video game designers.

They began to professionally develop computer games while they were still at school, contributing their first type-in game to a magazine in 1983. They worked with publishers Codemasters for a number of years following their first collaboration Super Robin Hood , creating the Dizzy series of games and many of Codemasters ' Simulator Series games. At one point during the 1980s it was reported that 7% of all UK games sales were attributable to the Oliver Twins.

In 1990 they founded Interactive Studios which later became Blitz Games Studios. In October 2013 they founded Radiant Worlds, based in Leamington Spa, with long time friend and colleague Richard Smithies.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0

Look for all their releases.

Fun fact about CPC 464 (v4) - PT NO Z80329, MC0099A on Amstrad CPC

With a possible total amount of 832 x 288 pixel (576 interlaced) the CPC was the 8 bit homecomputer with the highest screen resolution ever.


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