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Funfair Inc - C64 WIP

Commodore 64/128
RedBug September 2020

All good things come in threes... One more news on the C64!

Who need Theme Park on the C64 ? Everyone ! This game was not developped by Peter Molyneux but by Arlasoft.

Classic theme park management targeted for release in December 2020.


  • 32 rides and animal attractions
  • 20 shops and gaming stalls
  • 16 features and toilet facilities

What's In The Game

  • Design and run your dream theme park
  • Research new attractions, facility improvements etc.
  • Hire staff to help the park run smoothly
  • Manage stock levels
  • Negotiate pay rises with staff union
  • Acquire loans to pay for improvements
  • Set ticket, shop and stall prices
  • Beat the competition with a profitable and happy park
  • Choose from a number of difficulty levels

C64 never dies.

More informations on its page.