Title Cover
Rock 'N Roll - 1984 (Erbe Software S.A., Rainbow Arts, Top Shots, Electronic Arts) Amstrad CPC
Gemini Wing - 1984 (Dro Soft, Mastertronic, Virgin Games, Mastertronic Plus, Virgin/Mastertronic, Tronix) Amstrad CPC
Blood Valley - 1984 (Gremlin Graphics, Erbe Software S.A., Serie Leyenda) Amstrad CPC
Hero Quest - 1984 (Dro Soft, Gremlin Graphics, GBH, GBH Gold) Amstrad CPC
Butcher Hill - 1984 (Gremlin Graphics, Erbe Software S.A., Mastertronic) Amstrad CPC
The Train - 1988 (Accolade) Amstrad CPC
The Train: Escape To Normandy - 1988 (Electronic Arts, Accolade, Dro Soft) Amstrad CPC
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun - 1990 (Mindscape International Inc) Amstrad CPC
Space Crusade - 1992 (Gremlin Graphics, Dro Soft) Amstrad CPC


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