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Title Cover
Micro Club 16: Daley Thompson's Super Test And Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge - (Micro Club) Amstrad CPC
Casacas Rojas - 1984 (Century) Amstrad CPC
Fire Ant - 1984 (Mogul, Mogul Communications Ltd) Amstrad CPC
Redcoats - 1984 (Lothlorien) Amstrad CPC
Beach Volley - 1984 (Ocean, Erbe Software S.A.) Amstrad CPC
The New Zealand Story - 1984 (The Hit Squad, Ocean, Erbe Software S.A.) Amstrad CPC
Daley Thompson's Decathlon - 1984 (Ocean, Imagine, Erbe Software S.A., The Hit Squad, Zafi Chip, IBSA) Amstrad CPC
Spy Hunter - 1984 (Amsoft, Kixx, U. S. Gold, Erbe Software S.A., Unknown, Sega) Amstrad CPC
Daley Thompson's Super Test - 1984 (The Hit Squad, Erbe Software S.A., Ocean, Imagine, IBSA) Amstrad CPC
World Games - 1984 (Erbe Software S.A., Kixx, Epyx, U. S. Gold) Amstrad CPC
California Games - 1984 (Kixx, Erbe Software S.A., Epyx, U. S. Gold, IBSA) Amstrad CPC
Summer Games - 1984 (Kixx, Epyx, Quicksilva, U. S. Gold, HES) Amstrad CPC
Beach Head - 1984 (U. S. Gold, Amsoft, Americana, Access, Dro Soft) Amstrad CPC
Street Hawk - 1984 (Erbe Software S.A., Imagine, Ocean, Unknown) Amstrad CPC
International Karate - 1986 (Endurance Games, Ocean, System 3) Amstrad CPC
Konami's Golf - 1986 (Imagine) Amstrad CPC
Mario Bros - 1987 (Imagine, Ocean) Amstrad CPC


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