Title Cover
Dragons Lair 2 Escape From Singes Castle - (Software Projects) Amstrad CPC
Chain Reaction - 1983 (MCM, Durell, Encore, Intersoft Software) Amstrad CPC
Space Invasion - 1983 (Elite, J Dimond) Amstrad CPC
Commando - 1984 (Zafiro Software Division, Elite, MCM, Data East, Encore, Loriciels, Zafi Chip, ZCobra, Pocket Money, Activision, Salu, HES) Amstrad CPC
Samantha Fox Strip Poker - 1984 (Martech, React, Micropool) Amstrad CPC
Auf Wiedersehen Monty - 1984 (Gremlin Graphics, Erbe Software S.A., Kixx) Amstrad CPC
I.K.+ - 1984 (System 3, Activision, Proein Soft Line, The Hit Squad, Erbe Software S.A.) Amstrad CPC
Spellbound - 1984 (Mastertronic Added Dimension, Mastertronic, Ocean, Beyond) Amstrad CPC
Flash Gordon - 1984 (Mastertronic, Mastertronic Added Dimension, Dro Soft, 20th Century Fox) Amstrad CPC
Nemesis The Warlock - 1984 (Martech, Erbe Software S.A., IBSA) Amstrad CPC
Hydrofool - 1984 (Faster Than Light, Rack-It, Zafiro Software Division, Zafi Chip) Amstrad CPC
Shockway Rider - 1984 (Rack-It, Faster Than Light, ZCobra) Amstrad CPC
The Last V8 - 1986 (Mastertronic Added Dimension) Amstrad CPC
Escape From Singe's Castle - 1987 (Encore) Amstrad CPC
Saboteur 2 - 1987 (Erbe Software S.A., Encore) Amstrad CPC
Balloon Challenge - 1987 (Virgin Games) Amstrad CPC


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