Core Design

Title Cover
Dynamite Dux - 1984 (Activision, Erbe Software S.A., MCM, The Hit Squad, IBSA) Amstrad CPC
Impossamole - 1984 (Gremlin Graphics, GBH, Erbe Software S.A., Edos) Amstrad CPC
Rick Dangerous - 1984 (Firebird, Kixx, IBSA, Erbe Software S.A., MCM) Amstrad CPC
Rick Dangerous 2 - 1984 (MCM, Micro Style, Kixx, Microstyle) Amstrad CPC
Saint And Greavsie - 1989 (Grandslam) Amstrad CPC
Monty Python's Flying Circus - 1990 (Virgin Games, Tronix) Amstrad CPC
Switch Blade - 1990 (Gremlin Graphics, GBH) Amstrad CPC


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